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Hardware and Software

Organizations need technology to operate and compete in modern society. Both hardware and software is used in organizations to support their business process. Hardware is the physical artifacts of technology and software is the program used to operate hardware. For example, a computer monitor is hardware and an internet browser is software. Most organizations use multiple hardware and software specific for their business needs. Hardware and software is used to support personal, workgroup, and enterprise computing within organizations.

Hardware needs software to function properly. Most computer systems use an operating software from Microsoft. Internet Explorer (browser) is used to connect to the web and search for information. Software and hardware could change to satisfy a workgroup. For a workgroup, software like Microsoft Excel is used to log group data and set goals. Performance figures are organized by classification and are available for other branches and departments to see. A workgroup can set up drives over a network to share files and folders. Microsoft Word is used to create documents and forward to members of a workgroup through email. Enterprise computing consists of using social networking sites like Microsoft SharePoint to collaborate their employees and business processes to manage workflow. Virtual servers using VMware vSphere Hypervisor is also used by organizations. Enterprise desktop virtualization is done using VMware View.

What legal, ethical, or security concerns exist for a company in the proper disposal of obsolete computer hardware?
Companies need to comply with federal, state, and local regulations when it comes to properly disposing computer hardware equipment. Hazardous materials need to be collected and important information needs to be destroyed from the drives. Companies are trusted to protect valuable information from getting into the wrong hands. Security features need to be used on equipment with sensitive information. For example, the Blackberry device that most companies provide their employees, uses a security feature where if the wrong password is entered for more than a given number of times, the information in the Blackberry is wiped out completely.

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