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Business and System Requirements

Information gathering techniques are key factors that will ensure all required information is gathered successfully for assessment. This includes business requirements, scope of project, and the budget required to complete. The SDLC begins with the Investigation Phase and it is here where the development team (IT) goes through the costs and benefits to make sure if the new system will be feasible. During the analysis phase it is important to focus on the problems of the current system in order to understand what users need in terms of improvements. This can be achieved through observations and interviews.

In order to make an assessment of new systems development that will satisfy company requirements it is important to gather these requirements from all sources possible. Interviews and Joint Application Development (JAD) sessions are popular techniques utilized to gather requirement information during the analysis phase of a project. Interviews which are the most commonly used technique are usually given the most emphasis. End users in different job roles are interviewed directly to understand their operation process and how a new system can improve operation efficiency. Effective interviewing questions can be selected which consist of closed-ended questions, open-ended questions, and probing questions. Joint Application Development (JAD) sessions are conducted including project team, users, and management. There is a facilitator for the sessions to encourage information sharing. Each participate brings documents and work related to their use of the current system. The information gathered from both techniques will help understand which current business process is time consuming and which processing causes extra cost to the company.

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